Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Core Box 2nd Edition

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Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Core Box 2nd Edition on miniatuurimäng 2 – 6* mängijale, mis toob mängulauale Harry Potteri kõikidest filmidest ja raamatutest tuntud ning armastatud võlukunsti maailma.

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Product Description

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Knight Models is proud to present the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game. This brand new board game allows players to immerse themselves in J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World like never before.

In this game, each player takes control of a group of witches and wizards from the Harry Potter cinematic saga, each represented by a finely detailed resin miniature, sculpted to exacting detail in collaboration with Warner Bros. Each 35mm miniature is produced in high quality resin, making it ideal for collectors, painters and gamers alike.

During the game, players must outmanoeuvre their opponents across beautifully illustrated game boards representing many of the iconic locations from the Wizarding World, such as Hogwarts, the Chamber of Secrets, and the Forbidden Forest. Players must explore these environments, resolving Challenges and Quests in order to secure victory.

The Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game gives players complete freedom to form their own group of witches and wizards. Players can collect their favourite models, and equip them with Potion and Artefact cards and, of course, a dizzying array of Spells. The variety of options at your disposal means no two games are the same. The Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game is easy to learn and fun to play. Its free-flowing, dynamic gameplay means you’ll want to return again and again to unleash new characters and abilities, and perfect your tactics.


Mängijate arv: 2 – 6*
Soovitatav vanus: alates 12. eluaastast
Mänguaeg: 30 – 90 minutit
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