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Flesh And Blood: Classic Constructed

11/04 @ 18:00 - 22:00

Events - 11.04.2024 - Flesh & Blood - Classic Constructed

Classic Constructed is the quintessential Flesh and Blood experience. Players choose a Hero, then construct an 80-card deck made up of powerful signature moves, class/talent cards, or generic cards, then compete against each other in fast-paced, 1v1 combat.

Tournament Structure:

  • Entry Fee €10 per player.
  • Game one starts at 18:15 on the dot.
  • Game rounds are 50 minutes with 5 minute breaks between rounds.
  • The event is capped at 40 people.
  • The number of rounds of Swiss will depend on how many people participate in the event.
  • Drinks & snacks are available on location and outside sources are not allowed.
All players who enter the tournament must make sure they have set up their GEM account!
  • The winner will receive either a Monstrous Veil or a Prized Galea Cold Foil
  • The Top 8 will receive an Extended Art card at random (Battered Not Broken/Slap-Happy/Take it on the Chin).
  • Prizes will be given out as store credit. €5 from the entry fees will be added to the prize pot and divided out among the Top8 players.

Deck Construction:

A Classic Constructed deck contains up to 80 cards, being:

  • Players register up to 80 cards.
  • 60 card main deck.
  • 20 cards as a side board, which can be made up of weapons, equipment and additional cards.
  • 1 hero card you play as!
  • A deck may contain up to 3 copies of each unique card. A card is unique if it has a different card name or pitch value from any other card.
  • A deck may only contain Generic cards and cards with the same class and/or talent as your hero card. A deck must also comply with the Classic Constructed card legality policy for official play.

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18:00 - 22:00
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MABRIK | Lauamänguklubi
Tuukri 50
Tallinn, Harju 10120 Estonia
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