Raamat At the Mountains of Madness

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Product Description

  • Täispealkiri: At the Mountains of Madness: A Graphic Novel
  • Autor: H. P. Lovecraft; I. N. J. Culbard
  • Formaat: pehmekaaneline
  • Keel: inglise
  • Lehekülgede arv: 128
  • Kirjastus: Abrams & Chronicle


Toote kirjeldus inglise keeles:

September 1930. A scientific expedition embarks for the frozen wasteland of Antarctica. But the secrets they unearth there reveal a past almost beyond human comprehension – and a future too terrible to imagine. By taking scientific fact so seriously, At the Mountains of Madness (1936), H.P Lovecraft’s classic take on the “heroic age” of polar exploration, helped to define a new era in 20th-century science fiction.