EELTELLIMUS! Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace

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Toode on saadaval alates 26.10.2020, millele lisandub tarneaeg 14 – 21 päeva Euroopa Liidu piires.

Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace on deemonlikul märulil põhinev strateegiamäng 2 – 4 inimesele, mis põhineb populaarsel videomängul Devil May Cry 5.

Product Description

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Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace is an easy to learn, fast-paced, and dynamic experience where style counts for everything. Take control of one of Devil May Cry’s iconic demon hunters, Dante, Nero, Trish, or even the newest addition to the series, the mysterious V.

Players will be trying to outscore each other by building the most impressive attack combos. Utilising the cards in their hand to build the biggest combo chain; the longer the chain the more Style Points you’ll score.

Will you keep pushing your combo or will you claim it early? A bigger combo scores more points, but a single hit from the demons surrounding you can break the chain!

The winner is the devil hunter who can score the most Style Points after a set number of enemy waves; featuring hordes of Empusa, behemoth Antenora, and towering bosses!

Based on the Bloody Palace game mode from the critically acclaimed Devil May Cry 5 video game, Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace brings the same high-octane action (and demon-slaying style!) to your tabletop.


4x Devil Hunter (V & Shadow, Trish, Nero, Dante)
12x Empusa
4x Hell Antenora
4x Scudo Angelo
1x Proto Angelo
1x Empusa Queen
1x Riot
1x Elder Geryon Knight
Over 280 cards
All the tokens, tiles and rules you’ll need to play.


Mängijate arv: 2 – 4
Soovitatav vanus: alates 14. eluaastast
Mänguaeg: 60 – 90 minutit
Keel: inglise
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