EELTELLIMUS! Rollimäng Animal Adventures RPG Starter Set

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Toode on saadaval alates 09.11.2020, millele lisandub tarneaeg 14 – 21 päeva Euroopa Liidu piires.

Animal Adventures RPG Starter Set on stardikomplekt D&D uues sarjas, kus on kõik vajalik oma karvaste kaaslastega seiklustele asumiseks.

Product Description

Tootekirjeldus inglise keeles:

Join intelligent cats and dogs on a spellbinding adventure!

Created for beginners, this set is your gateway into the magical world of roleplaying games. Inside is everything you need to play a thrilling RPG campaign, with no experience needed. Explore exciting locations, face fearsome and fantastical beasts, and have fun!

The set also includes a brand new adventurer, Chantilly the Labrador Fighter, who is unique to this starter set.

Simple, easy-to-follow rules
4 adorable dog miniatures
3 cute cat miniatures
7 character sheets
Double-sided game map
Gamemaster screen
Set of illustrated tokens
Set of paw-lyhedral dice

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